Film Stories: Food for the Epicurean Cinephile


“Food for the Epicurean Cinephile” 

By Robert Ito 

The New York Times 

May 12, 2013 

For four hours, the filmmakers Natasha Subramaniam and Alisa Lapidus constructed a four-tiered dessert out of whipped cream, amaretto cookies, baked meringue and locally sourced edible flowers. “It’s a Pavlova meets a croquembouche,” Ms. Subramaniam said. 

As Ms. Lapidus stacked Frisbee-size discs of meringue atop the ever-growing sweet, Ms. Subramaniam took still shots of each layer, which would be edited together into a stop-motion sequence. Stray crumbs were brushed out of camera range; tweezers were used to pluck errant pea tendrils adorning the sides. The result was a wintry peak festooned with lilacs and pink jasmine, an edible, cream-filled Matterhorn. 

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Photograph by Stephanie Diani/The New York Times.