Film Stories: Stuck in Asia, Dreaming of Hollywood


“Stuck in Asia, Dreaming of Hollywood” 

By Robert Ito 

The New York Times 

February 11, 2007 

Maggie Q looks calm, or as calm as one can look while clutching the side of a Ford Explorer that is dangling by a tangle of cables inside an elevator shaft. Dressed head to toe in black down to her high-heeled Steve Madden boots, Ms. Q, 27, is waiting for the SUV to drop. When it does, the jolt shakes the Ford and Ms. Q with it; dust and bits of gravel drizzle down on her head. 

“Do we have more debris?,” the second unit director yells. “We’d like a bit more debris.” On the next take the Explorer drops with a bigger thud, and considerably more debris. 

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